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The security industry has had decades of experience with designing and testing software with security in mind. Despite that, we’re still just barely getting standard methods and practices in place to enable developers to ship secure software.

Hardware security is still about 15 years behind that. There are no industry best practices, because most hardware vendors still haven’t started designing their hardware with security in mind, and most don’t even realize that they need to be doing some sort of hardware security validation.

I spent 8 years validating and debugging desktop and server CPUs, including hardware penetration testing and security validation training for functional validators worldwide.

There is far too much hardware security work to be done by the small pool of hardware security experts. To meet that need, I offer courses, workshops, and curriculum to help introduce and ramp existing software security experts and hardware validation experts into the field of hardware security.

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In addition, I try and keep busy with some other hacking projects

Hacking the Nikon WU-1A

Retail Hacking for Fun and Profit

Hardware Security Pentester and Instructor

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I/O, DFX, and Virtualization.


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