Retail Hacking for Fun and Savings

Most technically inclined thrifty shoppers shop online. Thriftier ones know how to use the interweb to find the best online deals. But sometimes, you really need to walk into a store, but that doesn't mean you need to pay more.

This talk will be a series of legitimate methods to buy stuff in stores for less by working the loopholes of discounts, coupons, rewards programs, and good old social engineering.

This isn't about extreme couponing and figuring out how to buy 5,000 packs of ho-hos for 5 cents each, and this isn't about some legally questionable methods for creating your own coupons, though i will touch on both topics.

The audience will hopefully learn one or two ways that they can incorporate social engineering practice in their regular shopping. Then, when you save money, it's like getting paid to social engineer!  You'll be a professional in no time!


Video coming soon


Bsides PDX, November 10, 2013

Hardware Security

Penetration Testing

Security Training,

I/O, DFX, and Virtualization.


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